About The Quiet Branches

Photo by Paige Brown Jarreau. Her photo gallery: http://paigesphotos.photoshelter.com/
Photo by Paige Brown Jarreau. Her photo gallery: http://paigesphotos.photoshelter.com/

This is a blog about science focusing on a part of the natural world that is important and often overlooked: plants. They are nature’s introverts in many ways. They are present, but on the surface, seem to be stoic and not have a lot going on. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They’re essential to life on Earth and underpin our civilization. They are also fascinating in their own right. This blog will highlight research into the quieter branches of the tree of life and reveal the rich inner lives of plants.

The Quiet Branches is meant to evoke the tree of life as well. As editor and chief content creator, I may write about subjects beyond plants, but will always try to maintain a vision of writing about things that have the theme of seeming one way on the surface with a whole deep level underneath.

About Ian:

Me, drinking coffee and about to think about various things.
Me, drinking coffee and thinking about various things.

Ian (@IHStreet on Twitter) is a plant scientist working as a postdoc at Dartmouth College. He writes about science, science culture, and science communication amongst other things at Postdoc Street. Focusing on connection and learning he founded Postdoc Street as a way to dive deeper into issues around sustaining a thriving science enterprise, including keeping scientists’ brains mentally healthy. He now mostly writes here at the Quiet Branches, which was part of the SciLogs Blog network. Besides Quiet Branches, He has also written for the UK Plant Science Federation Blog, Bitesize Bio, The Plant Science Today blog, The Annals of Botany Blog, The Diversity Journal Club, The National Postdoc Association Newsletter, and The Biochemist magazine as well as several academic publications.

He is also 1/3 of the Recovering Academic podcast dedicated to talking about transitioning careers from academia to other career paths.

Ian is a runner, cat-owner, and occasional home brewer. He is also an introvert, constant learner, podcast-addict, and the person behind the plant science advice tumblr blog.

If you have ideas for stories for this blog or want to get in touch, use twitter or this contact form below:

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