Plant Science blogs and Resources

Photo by Paige Brown Jarreau. Her photo gallery:
Photo by Paige Brown Jarreau. Her photo gallery:

New Under The Sun Blog: A blog written by photosynthesis expert and biochemist Johnna Lynn Roose (@JLRoose)

Plant Scientist blog, Edited by Sarah Shailes. (@SarahShailes)

In Defense of Plants. Stunning pictures and stories about the world’s plants. Also on tumblr

eLife’s Plant Biology blog on Medium

Blooming plants: Blog about plant science from Sarah Jose (@JoseSci)

The Haswell lab blog from Washington U. in St. Louis. Beer, Mechanosensors, and more. (@ehaswell).

The Gilroy lab blog run by Sarah Swanson (@zakrah). Plant experiments done on the ISS, hormones, and just how plants respond to their physical environments.

Andrew Kniss’ (@Wyoweeds) blog Weed Control Freaks on weed control, pesticides, herbicides, biotechnology, and crop management.

Nature’s Depths– Blog on nature and plants by John Palka

@OshnGirlPh.D. and the Single Mom Blog (mostly about plants).

The Awkward Botany Blog (@awkwardbotany on Twitter)

Brilliant Botany YouTube channel (@BrilliantBotany on Twitter) and website.

Culham Research Group blog

Botanists in The Kitchen Blog

Plant Science organization/journal blogs:

BMC Fascination of Plants Day blog– for Fascination of plants day, 2015, BMC Plant Biology put together this post on their blog all about plants & things they’ve written about them.

Annals of Botany Blog

Agriculture Biodiversity Blog Luigi Guarino & Jeremy Cherfas on the diversity of crops, livestock, useful microbes, pollinators & foodways

The Global Plant Council Blog from the Global Plant Council, an umbrella organization of plant research organizations. (now on too)

The blog of the American Society of Plant Biologists

The Danforth Center Shoots & Roots Blog– Cutting edge plant science from the Danforth Center.

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