Inside The Coffee Bean

Coffea arabica Genome We now know the genes of good coffee. The Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee) genome was released this month, announced at the annual Plant and Animal Genome conference XXV. Arabica coffee is consdiered better quality and is 70% of the world’s coffee. Several years ago, the simpler genome of Coffea canephora was sequenced (a.k.a. … More Inside The Coffee Bean

Plant Genomes of 2016.

Why Genomes? Genome sequencing is routine now. Sequencing the A–T, C–G order of base pairs has gotten a lot cheaper and pipelines of software to do it have gotten better too. However, that doesn’t make it any less important. Before the era of physical (as in the actual basepair sequence structure), geneticists relied on maps … More Plant Genomes of 2016.

Habitat Loss, Climate Change, and the Story of Three plants.

Last week, I wrote about the marine plant, Zostera marina (Also covered on The Global Plant Council Blog by Sarah Jose), a rare plant that has adapted to living completely under the sea. This plant would have to re-evolve some traits to make the transition back to land (e.g. pores on the leaves to enable gas … More Habitat Loss, Climate Change, and the Story of Three plants.