Shoot apical meristems.

Quiet Branches is back to regular posts about science. I’ll try to get one post up each week through the holidays, including some guest posts! Excited to bring you more plant science stories.  Creating a plant Plants are ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives. We all benefit from the products they produce. Air, food, shelter, clean water, … More Shoot apical meristems.

Cytokinins, Part 2.

Cytokinins: Part 2. Last week, I told the story about how cytokinins as a factor that induced cell division and new shoot formation. The first in the class of molecules was the adenine derivative Kinetin. Kinetin is a synthetic molecule, or the product of rearranging natural ones when DNA sits out for many months. Carlos … More Cytokinins, Part 2.

Plant hormones: Auxin.

Here is a list of small molecule (chemical) signals used by most/all plants: Auxin Cytokinin Ethylene Abscisic acid Gibberellin Salicylic acid Jasmonic acid Brassinosteroids Strigolactones Don’t worry about what these names mean or what these things are for now. I’ll be writing posts about them in the coming weeks. Hormones In human growth and development, … More Plant hormones: Auxin.