Botany Live

One of the hats I’m wearing these days is as the resources editor for The Annals of Botany. As part of that, for Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD), we are launching Botany Live (#BotanyLive), a global event to celebrate plants starting May 18 and going through the weekend. Live broadcasts of plant scientists talking about plants for … More Botany Live

Tell stories. Listen. Facts Don’t Speak for Themselves. AAAS Meeting, 2017.

Tell stories. Science has amazing ones to tell. And it’s not just of the science itself. Scientists themselves are fascinating as well. The stories of how science intersects with society, government, and the world are fascinating as well. The science and facts won’t speak for themselves, so at least some scientists, and all professional science communicators, … More Tell stories. Listen. Facts Don’t Speak for Themselves. AAAS Meeting, 2017.

Plant Genomes of 2016.

Why Genomes? Genome sequencing is routine now. Sequencing the A–T, C–G order of base pairs has gotten a lot cheaper and pipelines of software to do it have gotten better too. However, that doesn’t make it any less important. Before the era of physical (as in the actual basepair sequence structure), geneticists relied on maps … More Plant Genomes of 2016.

Reach For The Sun.

Go for the sun. It’s a prime directive for most plants on Earth. Gather enough light to drive carbon dioxide, an atmospheric gas, into sugars to fuel growth. The rest of the needed ingredients to build a plant come from underground and the roots. To build more roots, however, photosynthesis has to happen. Go for … More Reach For The Sun.