Botany Live

One of the hats I’m wearing these days is as the resources editor for The Annals of Botany.

As part of that, for Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD), we are launching Botany Live (#BotanyLive), a global event to celebrate plants starting May 18 and going through the weekend.

Live broadcasts of plant scientists talking about plants for 5–15 minutes in registered events the Annals of Botany team will collect and share on a site of the weekend’s activities. Registering your event ahead of time will allow the Annals of Botany to promote it. You can email for the Google form link. The pdf of the call for registering events and guidelines can be is linked here.

The live events can be done via Periscope, Youtube, or any live streaming app that lets you share the video later and have a link you can send to us and use the tag #BotanyLive with.

Let’s celebrate plants live on Fascination of Plants Day this year! We look forward to your creativity in broadcasting plants, plant science, and plant scientists all over the world.

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