US is shutting down…Quiet Branches Will Continue Where it Started.

So SciLogs is shutting down. Meaning that The Quiet Branches Home will be here for the forseeable future. In a way, it’s good to only have one place I need to post things. So look for more plant science writing here in the future and follow along here- Ian Street, Writer, Editor, all things Quiet Branches. 

I got the email that SciLogs US is shutting down as of September and that the blog network will still exist in it’s native Germany and only in German. Its a business decision that happens from time to time and understandable.

When Paige recruited me to write here, I was really honored and I’ve tried to do more ambitious posts since I’ve started writing here. It was a vote of confidence to me that I really can write well enough to be invited to be invited to write someplace else. As someone that wants to be in the science writing/communication/editing world, it was a sign of progress.

So I am really sad that SciLogs is going away as a host for my blog. It really was an honor to be a part of something. And I’ll especially miss the posts of the scicomm wizards here Paige Jarreau (@FromTheLabBench), Matt Shipman (@ShiplLves) , Kirk Englehardt (@kirkenglehardt , and Malcolm Campbell (@m_m_Campbell). I hope they all continue to write their blog in some form and I will definitely follow along. And of course, I hope to see them on Twitter (You can come find me there too (@IHStreet).

I started The Quiet Branches on my own on WordPress and have been duplicate posting my posts here on the original domain. And I’ll continue to write about plant science there. the url is So if you’ve signed up to follow me here, you can continue to follow me there. I’m planning on redesigning the site a bit, so look forward to that.

I’ll be importing comments somehow from SciLogs onto WordPress, so those will be kept in some form, at least.

I think that’s all I have to say. I look forward to continuing writing and I promise to continue to hone my craft and continue to highlight the world of plants and plant science to the world. They need to be told.

I am grateful for all who read, share, and give me feedback/comment.

See you all over on,

+Ian Street


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