Chez GMO

One of my favorite podcasts is Flash Forward, created (& hosted) by Rose Eveleth. She explores a potential future and then comes back to the present to discuss how plausible it is and the implications of a future like that, and just what that future says about our present world. So with that in mind, … More Chez GMO

Plant Biotechnology, black boxes, and the Complex World.

The Quiet Branches is joining the SciLogs network. I’m excited to be a part of it! I’ll continue to crosspost here too. I look forward to continuing to share the world of plant science and the picture of the plant world revealed by plant science there. This first post will discuss some thoughts on communicating … More Plant Biotechnology, black boxes, and the Complex World.


The Quiet Branches is taking a mini-vacation for most of July. I’ll be posting dispatches and plant stories from the annual Plant Biology conference organized by ASPB in Minneapolis, MN this year, July 26-30. So do check back here for plant stories I encounter while there (follow along with the conference at #plantbiology15). In the meantime, … More Vacation.