What do You Want to see on The Quiet Branches 2017?

This year, I’ll be finding my way through the misty forest of a new career path. Photo by Ian Street

I have questions for you, the readers (& anyone interested in plant science) as I consider my 2017 schedule for the blog and start to plan content for the year.

So everyone knows (& can possibly help me), I will be moving onto a new job I still need to find within the first 3 months of 2017. As I search, posts may be less frequent. But if you’d like to try science blogging/writing to see what it’s about, feel free to pitch me a guest post and I’ll edit it with you for publication (editing takes a bit less time than generating new content myself).

I want this blog to communicate plant science (and who knows, I may branch out into other areas that are under-reported as well to broaden my horizons) as effectively and as far as possible through stories of plant science and scientists as well as plants in culture and the world at large. I want to instill wonder.


My goal has always been to write for an undergraduate level and I hope some of my stories published here are useful to professors or teachers teaching high school classes.

With that in mind, here are a few questions for you, the readers that support and read the Quiet Branches by sharing it with others (& possibly in the future, I may set up a patreon account so anyone that wishes can support the blog financially to keep it going (right now, I operate at a loss; basically for the domain and the wordpress account).

  1. Is there a kind of story you’d like to see more of on The Quiet Branches?
  2. What posts don’t work for you? Why?
  3. Are there things in the site design that you’d like to see improved?
  4. What posts work the best for you? Why?

If there are ever ideas you have for stories, bring them to my attention. I can’t claim to work them all in, but I can gather string and perhaps even interview scientists for stories I choose to cover/pursue/connect to other ideas. Find me on Twitter (@IHStreet).

Leave your ideas/responses in the comments. And here’s to another great year of The Quiet Branches.

I’m grateful to all who read and have made this a gratifying experience.

I hope 2017 holds good things for you and all the plants in your life,

+Ian Street, Writer, Editor, and storyteller at The Quiet Branches.


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