Chez GMO

One of my favorite podcasts is Flash Forward, created (& hosted) by Rose Eveleth. She explores a potential future and then comes back to the present to discuss how plausible it is and the implications of a future like that, and just what that future says about our present world. So with that in mind, … More Chez GMO

Engagement, Wonder, and no easy answers at the AAAS meeting.

Just what does science know? Does science even matter? Where does wonder and curiosity fit into a world where science now often seems to play the role of wet blanket? And just what are the best practices for communicating science to fellow scientists and other audiences alike? Those are a few of  the questions I … More Engagement, Wonder, and no easy answers at the AAAS meeting.

Labels and information.

It’s no accident that a lot of things humans have build resemble natural systems. The internet is a decentralized network of networks, a distributed system. There are networks in nature that are similar. Like packets of information on the internet, information in the form of genetic info is shuffled throughout nature as time goes on. … More Labels and information.